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Conversion of pigsty into dairy barn

Almost three years ago farmer Christoph K. from Gnarrenburg planned to convert his pigsty into a dairy barn. Since the conversion is to take place in several stages, the possibility of subsequent expansion was a main criterion in the search for a suitable feeding technology.

Feedstar has a modular structure and can therefore convince in terms of flexibility. Our system can be adapted to new barn situations at any time and so Christoph K. decided on a feedstar Basic with a length of 40m, which can pull a feed quantity of over 3.5 tons per day.


In the pigsty converted in 2018, 65 cows currently benefit from a calm and stress-free feeding atmosphere. An extension of the feedstar Basic from 40 to up to 50m is possible without any problems by moving the winch by ten meters without great effort.

Mr. K. would also like to equip other upcoming renovations of old barn areas with feedstar, since he is very satisfied with the system and it is optimal for the use of his existing spatial conditions.

With our patented system, such projects are no problem and very easy to implement. We are looking forward to the next exciting projects in Gnarrenburg with Mr. K.

Dairy cows
feedstar Basic
Length feedstar