Automatische Fütterung 3D Darstellung Beton Fertigteile Automatische Fütterung 3D Darstellung Beton Fertigteile

Precast concrete elements


Individually adapted to your situation

Concrete parts such as the shaft and cover for the back roll device or the filling funnel were specially designed for our feedstar feeding system. Prefabricated elements, which are adapted exactly to your stable, enable a smooth operation of the plant, as well as a very fast assembly. Another advantage of prefabricated elements compared to in-situ concrete is the slight space advantage. Due to their strong track record, the prefabricated elements have a lower part thickness than in-situ concrete.

In a nutshell:
  • U-shells and I-parts
  • Shaft and cover for back roll device
  • Filling funnel
  • Residual feed deflector and collector of residual feed

Further components

Feed mixer

Maximum automation.


Highest flexibility in feeding.


Robust and hygienic.