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From our headquarters in Tuntenhausen, Upper Bavaria, we are your partner with decades of experience in the field of feeding technology throughout Europe. Due to our numerous locations and dealers, as well as our friendly, trained staff, we offer you a high quality of advice and a pronounced customer proximity.

With our automatic feeding system, we supply animals such as bulls, cows or calves, but also animal species such as goats and sheep are no problem for feedstar. Whether it's a new building or a conversion or extension, feedstar has the right solution for every farmer and every farm, regardless of size.

Thanks to the space-saving design, saving costs is a great advantage of our patented system. But saving time on a daily basis has also been a major factor for many customers, because with feedstar, both feed pushing and subsequent sweeping are a thing of the past. With our easy to use radio remote control we guarantee you maximum comfort when feeding your farm animals.

With feedstar, exhaust fumes and noise stay outside the barn, which leads to a demonstrably better feeding atmosphere and ensures a better climate inside the herd. The better air quality and the fact that the animals always have access to sufficient fresh feed leads to optimal pH values in the rumen. Your animals eat more feed with feedstar, which measurably increases milk yield.

You are welcome to visit us in Tuntenhausen or contact us at


EDER GmbH - department feedstar
Moorweg 5
D - 83104 Tuntenhausen

Tel.: +49 / 80 67 / 181 - 822
Fax: +49 / 80 67 / 181 - 783