Automatische Fütterung - GIF Rückrollvorrichtung

Pure efficiency



No sweeping after feeding

After the feed on the feedbelt has been eaten by the animals, the back roll device starts to pull the belt back. The remaining feed is also pulled out of the barn and can be pushed to the side with the help of a feed flap. This makes daily sweeping of the feed trough a thing of the past. Our back roll device is adapted to your barn situation according to your wishes and requirements.

In a nutshell:
  • Never sweep again
  • Adapted to winch and belt
  • Special construction possible
  • Extremely stable and durable


Automatische Fütterung - Tabelle Rückrollvorrichtung ENG


Further components

Residual feed flap

Unique residual feed system.

Control Basic / Vario

The most comfortable way to feed.

Control Pro

Maximum work facilitation.