Automatische Fütterung - GIF Pro Steuerung

Fully automatic control


Maximum ease of work

With our feedstar Pro control, tasks such as mixing the feed, dispensing feed and clearing out residual feed are controlled. The controller can be operated with a hybrid as well as with a stationary mixer using a frequency converter. The components can be controlled both automatically and manually.

Coupling with a mixer wagon enables you to feed several times, flexibly adapted to the rhythm of the animals. The feedstar control and the mixer wagon communicate with each other and can feed the desired amount of feed at the desired times based on the data entered. The amount of feed is regulated via the speed of the mixing screw depending on the weight and total running time of the belt. Feeding different group sizes, e.g. in cattle fattening is possible with it.

In a nutshell:
  • Automatic feeding and residual feed discharge
  • Feed quantity and feeding time exactly adjustable
  • Possible with hybrid or stationary mixer
  • Manual operation possible at any time

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Further components

Special solution

Adaptable to any structural situation.

Precast concrete elements

Individually adapted to your situation.

Feed mixer

Maximum automation.