Automatische Fütterung - GIF Restfutterklappe

A clean solution

Unique residual feed system


Feedstar is the only feeding system in the world that can be equipped with a residual feed flap. After the animals have eaten the feed from the feed belt, our back roll device pulls the feed belt with the remaining feed back out of the barn. With the feedstar residual feed flap, the residual feed is completely pushed off the belt and therefore remains clean and hygienic. The residual feed flap consists of a standpipe with mounting plate and an aluminium flap 400mm high and up to 3000mm long.

In a nutshell:
  • Aluminium flap
  • Automatic & manual possible
  • Length up to 3000mm
  • Height up to 400mm

Further components

Control Basic / Vario

The most comfortable way to feed.

Control Pro

Maximum work facilitation.

Special solution

Adaptable to any structural situation.