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Sustainability with feedstar

Many factors and perspectives must be considered for sustainable and future-oriented animal husbandry. We try to support our customers and their animals in the issue of sustainability and the improvement of the energy balance. We also evaluate and analyse our own activities and continuously improve our internal processes.

Animal Welfare

Unfortunately, animal welfare is often neglected when it comes to sustainability. Many feeding systems are optimised economically and ecologically to the maximum at the expense of animal welfare.For us, animal welfare is an integral part of our business and has therefore always played a major role in the development of our system. With feedstar, the feeding table always remains clean and hygienic, which leads to improved animal health.

There is also no need to drive through the stable with a tractor or other feeding machines several times a day. As a result, there is no dust or exhaust fumes in our stables, in addition to a significant reduction in noise. In this way, feedstar promotes the health of your animals, which demonstrably leads to improved performance.

Automatische Fütterung - Nachhaltigkeit Tierwohl


Every single feedstar feeding system is individually planned, designed and manufactured in Tuntenhausen/Upper Bavaria. We only use high-quality and sustainable materials for our production and work mainly with local manufacturers for externally produced components.Made in Germany is not just a slogan for us, but an attitude. Our feeding system has been in use on some farms for more than 40 years. This is only possible by our high-quality standards in purchasing as well as in production.

We are constantly trying to make feedstar even more efficient and support farmers in improving their energy balance. Since our motors are powered purely by electricity, many feedstars now run entirely on their own power, for example from the farmers' photovoltaic systems.

Automatische Fütterung - Nachhaltigkeit Produktion


The deliberate use of exclusively high-quality materials and the high standards in production make our system so reliable and unique. The individual components of our feeding system are built very robust and stable and designed for longevity. This enables us to offer a very high level of reliability, which is our highest priority for a feeding system.

Because we have reduced the number of moving parts to the minimum, our feedstar system has very little wear and tear and requires very little maintenance. This low-maintenance design promotes a very long life for our feeding system and saves a lot of resources. Thus, we improve the resource efficiency of our customers as well as our own.

Automatische Fütterung - Nachhaltigkeit Langlebigkeit ENG

Futher advantages


Save money, space and time.

With our feeding system you save in many areas!

Easier work

Less work, more comfort.

Reduce your physical work with feedstar!

Animal species

The perfect solution not only for cows.

Our feeding system is suitable for numerous animal species.


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