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Animal welfare

Due to the new market situation, trends in animal husbandry are increasingly aimed at increasing animal welfare. With feedstar you feed several groups at the same time - performance groups, dry cows or suckler cows. The feed belt promotes individual rationing to the respective groups. This ensures calm and promotes animal health. Our feeding system meets the most modern requirements for walk widths and animal comfort.

Stable atmosphere

Only the best for your animals

With our well thought-out feeding system the rations always remain on the belt and within reach of the animals. This means that you no longer have to drive the tractor into the barn and the animals are no longer exposed to dust and exhaust fumes.

Hygiene is also significantly improved, as the feed table is automatically cleaned by the back roll device with residual feed flap. Due to the optimal accessibility of the feed, even lower ranking animals can eat in peace. This ensures a generally more relaxed climate in the herd. A lot of peace and quiet and good air quality in the barn increase the animal welfare enormously.

Automatische Fütterung - Vorteil Tierwohl 2

Milk yield

Feedstar increases the milk yield

Feedstar not only provides a healthy stable climate, but also improves animal health. The amount of work and time the farmer needs for a sick cow is many times higher than for a healthy cow.

With our feeding system, your animals will always have enough fresh feed. The repeated and frequent feeding stimulates your animals to eat and ensures optimal pH values in the rumen. The higher feed intake demonstrably increases the milk yield.

Automatische Fütterung - Vorteil Bessere Milchleistung

No dirt in the feed

With feedstar the feed table stays clean

Our feeding system brings the feed quietly and cleanly to the animals on the feeding belt. Since you don't have to drive through the barn with a tractor or other feeding machines, no dirt from the tyres is left on the feeding table.

A clean barn and feeding table not only improves the atmosphere in the barn as a whole, but also considerably increases the quality of feeding for the animals. Feeding without significant dirt ingress is only one more argument for our feedstar system.

Automatische Fütterung - Vorteil Kein Schmutz im Stall

Futher advantages


Everyone can do their part.

The issue of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in agriculture!

Easier work

Less work, more comfort.

Reduce your physical work with feedstar!

Animal species

The perfect solution not only for cows.

Our feeding system is suitable for numerous animal species.


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