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The constant further development and adaptation to the latest demands led to the creation of the feedstar Vario. This contains all the modules and advantages of our feedstar Basic. In addition, the feedstar Vario has been equipped with a stepless control with frequency converter, which enables a smooth start to be carried out with large weights. Furthermore the variable belt speed enables perfect dosing with difficult to set or inconsistent feed loading.


Made up of 4 components:

  • The feed belt is made of tear-resistant fabric and enables the animals to eat directly from the belt
  • A winch pulls the belt in while the forage is being loaded at a continuously variable belt speed
  • After the animals have eaten the feed from the conveyor, a back roll device pulls the conveyor with the remaining feed from the barn. The tape is rolled up after the residual feed has been pushed through the residual feed flap into a catch
  • With the control the feeding can be started at low speed and then the speed increased with the arrow keys. The rollback device is also started via the control


Individual filling:

No matter whether mixing wagons, loading wagons, milling machines, hay cranes or dosing devices. Our feedstar Basic can be perfectly combined with all common feeding methods. This means we can guarantee a high level of flexibility despite a high level of automation. Our unique system has a modular structure, so the level of automation can be further increased at any time with our feedstar Pro variant.


Feedstar is a particularly space-saving system for your barn and can be precisely adapted to your individual structural situation. The solutions are precisely tailored to your needs and enable an incredible range of uses. We offer you the right system for every challenge. From small solutions for sheep and goat husbandry to large systems for several 100 cows.

An international dealer network enables individual advice on site. Feedstar is ideal for renovation solutions, but is also a perfect system for new buildings. With feedstar, your animals are cared for automatically at a significantly lower cost than with a classic feeding robot.



  • Variable belt speed
  • One-sided and two-sided feeding possible
  • Length up to 70m
  • Width from 0.5m to 2m
  • Up to 11 tons of feed
  • Modular structure
  • Very low maintenance
  • Extremely stable and durable

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