Automatische Fütterung - GIF Vario Steuerung

Simple and intuitive


The most convenient way to feed

With our simple control system, you can easily operate your entire feedstar system manually at constant (feedstar Basic) or infinitely variable (feedstar Vario) speed.

All manual controls can also be supplemented with a radio remote control package. This allows the belt to be switched on and off conveniently from the tractor seat. Thanks to our user-friendly feedstar control, there is no need to push the feed in during the day or sweep out the feed trough.

In a nutshell:
  • Easy handling
  • Constant & stepless speed
  • Radio remote control
  • low maintenance

Further components

Control Pro

Maximum work facilitation.

Special solution

Adaptable to any structural situation.

Precast concrete elements

Individually adapted to your situation.