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Project: Conversion

A stable conversion is often the only way to increase the number of animals or their freedom of movement. However, if there is no room for an extension, feedstar is the optimal solution because the space required by the barn remains the same. Feedstar is a particularly space-saving system and can be adapted to any individual structural situation. There are single or double-sided versions, with the length and width of the feed belt being freely selectable.

With feedstar, a conventional tethered barn can be converted into a loose barn by means of a cost-effective conversion, thus maximising animal welfare. Our system is particularly convincing in its simplicity, whereby an existing barn with a wide driveway, in some cases with almost 100% own contribution, can be converted into a barn with more feeding places. Thus, a conversion of an existing barn is often the simpler and more cost-effective option compared to a new building.

Example of a conversion with feedstar

47 cows - 1 feedstar 26m - 1 milking robot

A conversion from a tethered barn to a playpen offers numerous advantages. Apart from the reduction of working time for the farmer, the animal welfare is greatly increased, as the animal/feeding place ratio is greatly improved. The number of animals in this barn with a current animal to feed place ratio of 0.80 to 1 could be further increased by creating additional resting areas.

Here the tethered barn has been completely gutted and instead of the five metre wide feed table a feedstar with a length of 26m and a width of 1.60m has been integrated, from which the cows can eat from both sides. The farmer can thus comfortably feed all animals from outside the barn with his preferred feeding method. With our patented feedstar system, there is no need to push the feed or sweep it out afterwards.

Example of feeding from the hayloft

Adaptable to every situation

In many stables, the feed is thrown down from the hayloft inside and then distributed manually on the feeding table. Our system can also be combined with direct feeding via the hayloft. You can throw the hay through the opening as usual and our feedstar automatically brings the fresh hay to your animals.

In addition, there is the possibility of a stationary feed mixer on the hayloft, which can be filled regularly with a hay crane. This allows several feedings per day, which leads to a better animal performance.


Height difference

No problem for feedstar

Even the compensation of differences in height is no problem for our system and slopes can be overcome with ease. Feedstar enables you to feed very accurately and robustly at different height levels.

In this case, only a suitable gradient on which the belt moves should be provided by the customer. In this way, feedstar enables you to feed very reliably and also to fill at lower levels.


Automatische Fütterung - Höhenunterschied

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Save money, space and time.

With our feeding system you save in many areas!

Easier work

Less work, more comfort.

Reduce your physical work with feedstar!

Increase in animal welfare

Less stress for your animals.

Benefit from increased milk yield thanks to a better atmosphere in the stable!