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Animal species

The flexibility of feedstar is unsurpassed, as our feeding system is suitable for a wide variety of animal species. The solutions are precisely adapted to your needs and enable an incredible range of applications. We offer you the right system for every application. From small systems for sheep and goat farming to large systems for several 100 cows - Feedstar is always the perfect system for you.

Dairy cows

Increase milk yield with feedstar

Feedstar was first used in dairy cowsheds over 50 years ago. Since then, numerous dairy cowsheds have been added because our system is perfectly suited to their feed supply. Regular feeding with our patented system demonstrably increases animal welfare.

Feedstar not only provides a healthy barn climate, but also improves animal health. Frequent feeding of the animals leads to optimal pH values in the rumen, which has been proven to improve milk yield.

Automatische Fütterung - Tierarten - Milchkühe


The perfect system for bull fattening

Besides dairy farms, more and more bull fattening farms are now using our feeding system. Optimum feeding of bulls must be perfectly adapted to the animals' needs, as this makes them less susceptible to disease.

With feedstar, breeding vital and healthy fattening bulls is easier than ever. The resulting improved animal health has a maximum positive effect on meat quality. With our system there are no exhaust fumes in the barn and the remaining feed is automatically removed. This means that we can guarantee a very high level of air quality and hygiene.

Automatische Fütterung - Tierarten - Bullen


Feeding optimisation in raising of calfs

Optimum feeding with feedstar maximises the calves' growth potential. By adapting the feed to the growth phases, you support a faster rumen development of the animals, which means that the calves absorb the nutrients from the feed much better.

Reaching maximum performance faster and optimizing feeding in raising of calves offers farmers the potential to significantly reduce raising costs and thus increase the profit per animal.

Automatische Fütterung - Tierarten - Kälber


Perfect for feeding goats

Besides cattle, goats are one of the most common species of animals that are supplied with a feedstar. Our system is used in many smaller, but also in many very large goat houses.

The feeding system, which is specially designed for your needs, ensures a quiet feeding atmosphere and healthier air quality for your animals in the barn. Thanks to the flexible feeding times with feedstar, feeding several times a day is no problem.

Automatische Fütterung - Tierarten - Ziegen


Also suitable for sheep

The third large animal species in our area of operation, besides cattle and goats, are sheep. With a feedstar that is perfectly adapted to your needs, you can easily bring feed to your animals.

The sheep can eat the fresh feed from both sides over the entire width of the feed belt. Due to the automatic residual feed discharge, the feed belt always remains hygienic and clean.



Automatische Fütterung - Tierarten - Schafe

Further animal species

Suitable for almost all animal species

You have no cattle, goats or sheep? No problem - our system is also suitable for many other animal species. Just contact us and we will find a feedstar solution for your animals.

Automatische Fütterung - Tierarten - Weitere Tierarten

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Save money, space and time.

With our feeding system you save in many areas!

Easier work

Less work, more comfort.

Reduce your physical work with feedstar!

Increase in animal welfare

Less stress for your animals.

Benefit from increased milk yield thanks to a better atmosphere in the stable!