Automatische Fütterung - GIF Futterband

The cleanest way to feed


Robust and hygienic

Our feeding belt allows the animals to eat directly from a belt up to 70m long. The animals can easily reach the feed over the entire width. Despite a band thickness of only 2.5mm, our feed band is very robust. It consists of food safe and glass fibre reinforced PVC and is resistant to feed acids. With a feed trough solution, the rations always remain on the belt and residual feed is removed from the residual feed flap, which significantly improves hygiene in the barn.

In a nutshell:
  • Glass fibre reinforced
  • Up to 70m
  • Food safe
  • Tear resistant up to 20 tons

Further components

Back roll device

No sweeping after feeding.

Residual feed flap

Unique residual feed system.

Control Basic / Vario

The most comfortable way to feed.