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Conversion of the Steiner family

The Steiner family was looking for a complete package. In addition to pushing and sweeping the fodder, they also wanted to automate feeding several times a day. Only our patented feedstar feeding system offers this combination.

After intensive planning and advice from our sales consultant and project planner, the Steiner family then decided on a feedstar Pro. The installation of the 30 meter long and 1.5 meter wide feed belt in the existing barn was no problem. Our system always adapts exactly to the conditions.


Our system was combined with a stationary feed mixer at the Steiner family. With the feedstar Pro the 70 dairy cows are supplied with fresh feed up to six times a day. In addition, the Steiner family runs a milking robot in addition to our fully automatic feeding system, thus achieving maximum automation in this barn.


With our feeding system, the Steiner family gained many square meters in their stable, because feedstar only needs the area that the feed belt actually needs. Due to the space-saving design and the possibility of feeding on both sides, feedstar was the optimal feeding system for the Steiner family.

When asked, Mr. Steiner is very satisfied with our system and would install it again at any time.

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