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Exchange of a feeding system

Mr. R. previously had a Weelink feeding system in his two adjacent stables and decided to replace the old system with a new system in 2018.

Since Weelink feeding systems have very short feeding tables (here: 19m and 17m) and feeding should take place once a day, a system had to be used that could provide the appropriate amount of feed and that did not have any problems with the small space required. Here farmer R. quickly came to Feedstar.


As the animals cannot be fed in any other way, it was very important to quickly replace the old Weelink feeding system with a new feeding system. By using precast concrete elements, the conversion could be completed within one day.

Due to the short length of the feeding table it is necessary to fill the Feedstar belt directly from the first point. However, as the feed table runs considerably outwards and the use of the residual feed flap would not work, a special control system was developed here. The air-operated residual feed flap pushes off the remaining feed before the belt is fully retracted and can then be refilled.

The system has been in operation since August 2018 and Mr. R. is very satisfied with the solution as a replacement for his previous Weelink feeding system.

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