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Goat stable of the Wöss family

In this report we would like to introduce you to the Wöss family from Aigen-Schlögl.

In 2017, Mr. Wöss decided to build a new building for his 150 goats. He was looking for a compact solution that could easily be fed with hay, silage and green fodder. His new system also had to be compatible with his bale breaker. After a short research, Mr. Wöss came across our feedstar, which met all requirements.


After extensive advice and planning, a feedstar Basic was finally commissioned. The feedstar of the Wöss family was perfectly adapted to the conditions of the new building and designed to ensure maximum efficiency.

The 40 meter long and 0.9 meter wide feed belt now feeds 150 goats every day. The added value of the feedstar soon became apparent to both the Wöss family and the animals.

After the first four years with your feedstar, the Wöss family is very satisfied and would install the feedstar Basic again at any time.

feedstar Basic
Length feedstar