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New building playpen of the Scheiner family

A great strength of our feeding system is its flexibility and is therefore suitable for the conversion of narrow stables. But feedstar can also be the perfect solution for larger barns, as the new building by the Scheiner family in Stadelhofen proves to us.

In the playpen planned by Mr Scheiner himself, animal welfare was the top priority. For an optimal ventilation the stable was deliberately built in east-west direction.


It was therefore only logical that a feeding system should be installed that would not allow noise or exhaust fumes to enter the barn. With the help of feedstar, the Scheiner family's flagship barn has greatly improved air quality and a more pleasant barn atmosphere than comparable playpens.

The decision was therefore made to use two feedstar Basic, each 61 metres long, which were implemented on the two outer sides of the playpen.

In addition, two modern milking robots and large foam boxes were installed in the barn. This created an optimal feeding atmosphere for the 120 dairy cows.

Dairy cows
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