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New building for dairy cows of the Lindner family

This short report presents the new building project of the Lindner family.

The Lindner family did not want any more noise and exhaust fumes in their stable and therefore our feedstar system was the perfect solution. They were also looking for a system that could be expanded to a fully automatic feeding system over time. Due to the local conditions it was important that the system is very space-saving, because in smaller stables every square metre is even more valuable.


The decision for feedstar was made very quickly after our system was able to meet all the requirements of the Lindner family. A feedstar Basic with a 27-metre long and 1.7-metre wide feed belt was installed, from which the dairy cows get their feed on both sides.

By feeding on both sides, even lower ranking cows get sufficient feed, which leads to a better climate within the herd.

Mr. Lindner has been very satisfied with his feedstar Basic so far and we would be happy if we could expand to the feedstar Pro here at some point in the future.

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